Dara Scully


Simply loving these gorgeous staged photographs by Spanish artist Dara Scully. We also appreciate Dara’s use of poetic language to speak about what influences her photography: “There’s a bird in my left lung, small and fragile, and he always speaks to me about beautiful things. I try to translate all these things to my pictures, his voice, mine.” Her passion is definitely reflected in her work.

A wink from the past


The Nostalgia collection by Dutch designer Bart van Didden is based on present forms combined with nostalgic bases with flower patterns. A wink from the past and forms found when treasure hunting through the collection of lampshades, bottle tops and bowls by his grandmother.

Bart van Didden is fascinated by the uniqueness of nature, translating it’s subtle purity into poetic stories.

The collection of Bart is amazing and his other work is really something to take a look at. Little treasures for your home with a unique and refined feeling.

 Photographed by Melissa Milis Photography

Modern Icon

I am so proud to publish my new Vogue Japan publication! Shot with model Valeria Smirnova. The German beauty was styled by Satoshi Hirota. The looks were perfected by hairstylist Kanada and makeup artist Coco.

A perfect match


Line Thit Klein and Yvonne Koné. Two women who really know what they are doing, and they do it so well. The crazy good photographer and the amazing designer just makes a perfect team!

Blogged from designoform

Vogue living


Vibrantly coloured butterfly specimens look set to fly away from this heritage-listed Sydney terrace.

From ‘Walls that Talk’, a story on page 212 of Vogue Living July/Aug 2010.

Photograph by Jason Busch

Bas Kosters


Photographed with one of my favourite Dutch fashion designers Bas Kosters for Grazia Magazine.

Styling: Pieter van Loon
Make-up: Anita Jolles 

Jessica Tremp


A gorgeous look at the human body and foliage by Melbourne, Australia based artist Jessica Tremp. These photographs come from three different bodies of work, all comparing, contrasting and beautifully merging the female form with nature.

Recycled home

At Baileys they love things that are well designed, well made and not too complicated or fussy - old or new.

Mark and Sally Bailey wrote 3 books, all of them very nicely done, I particulary like the book: "recycled home"

"Winner of 'best homewares retailer' in the Telegraph Magazine 2012"

website: Baileys

Pols Potten


Clear, innovative, tongue-in-cheek - every Pol’s Potten product shows its Dutch roots. However, for over 20 years, it’s those very same qualities that make our products feel right at home anywhere in the world. Most products are hand-made by local craftsmen. By producing in smal volumes, we ensure that your eye-catcher doesn’t catch everybody else’s.

De producten van Pols Potten zijn helder, innovatief, ironisch, humoristisch en hebben Nederlandse roots. Al 20 jaar zorgen deze eigenschappen ervoor dat de producten van Pols Potten zich overal thuis voelen. De meeste producten zijn handgemaakt door lokale vakmensen. Elk product is dus uniek.

Wood pattern flooring


Don't you just love this Hungarian point floor? It gives you home such natural beauty. Want to know everything about our Pattern floors? Visit: uipkes wood flooring.

De patroon vloeren van Uipkes houten vloeren zijn heel bijzonder. Alle patroon vloeren worden met de hand gemaakt en geven je interieur een prachtige sfeer. Wil je meer weten over patroon vloeren? Neem contact met ons op of breng een bezoek aan onze showroom.


Can't help myself loving all these flowers.

(source: bloom)

All you need is less


When my head is spinning with billions of ideas, I long for this.
The simplicity of this office space is truly liberating.

The white oak wooden floors, just a few pieces of furniture and there is peace of mind.

Maison Moschino


Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I have to make a post on Maison Moschino in Milan, Italy. Famous fashion house Moschino have created this very luxurious and quirky hotel, a must for any fashionista visiting Italy. The rooms all have different themes, like Little red riding hood, Alice's room, Zzzzzzzz, Clouds or Sleeping in a ballgown.

source: Emmas designblog

Hilton Pattaya


This beautiful hotel in Thailand is all about the architecture, The Hilton Pattaya, by Department of Architecture and photographed by Wison Tungthunya.

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