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B&W is always B&W. 

Beautiful and peaceful.  

Today is a typical B&W day. 

1. unknown (my pinterest)
2. egg
3. unknown (my pinterest)
4. Jan Albers hunderdfortyupanddown, 2011 graphite on oak
5. Charles Pollock, 1958
6. fuck

The house of spirits


This story just got out. It was fun, fun, fun to shoot it! :) Don't ask how many balloons we had to blow up for the opening picture...

Very Retro


Uipkes Wood Flooring is a specialist in wooden flooring with experience for many years, we guarantee knowledge, expert advice and craftsmanship.

We often photograph our finished projects like this beautiful retro house.

We supply more than 20 kinds of wood species, including a wide range of oak flooring. Each of these species has a very distinctive and unique look. Apart from tropical woods we also have species like French Oak, American Oak and Hard Maple in our selection. For lovers of a weathered oak floor we have aged floors. Any type of wood can be processed with natural oil or with one of the many colors of your desire to accentuate contrasts in character.



Don't you just want to know all about growing garlic? :)
MO + MO living tells you all about it!



























growing garlic


Garlic (Allium sativum) is a species in the onion family Alliaceae. The two subspecies, Hard Necks (Allium ophioscorodon) and Soft Necks (A. sativum), are available in several varieties with varying flavors. Garlic is easy to grow and problem-free. It grows best when planted in the late Fall.


  • plant october to november
  • select large bulbs
  • separate and select the largest cloves
  • plant in deep rich soil with full sun
  • plant each clove 2" to 2.5" deep
  • plant with pointy end up 5" to 7" apart
  • cover with 2" to 4" of organic mulch


  • fertilize green shoots in march & may
  • use an organic high nitrogen fertilizer
  • keep watered in spring & early summer
  • keep drier 2 wks prior to harvest


  • dig up when half the leaves are brown
  • to cure, either hang or lay flat for 3 wks
  • keep shaded and well-ventilated


  • store at room temperature or cooler
  • store out of direct sunlight
  • store with ample air circulation
  • hard necks: store up to 5 months
  • soft necks: store up to 9 months

70's ♥♥♥


Shooting in LA is great... Shopping is ever greater! I ran into this gorgeous vintage 70's coat! 



Welcome to the wonderful world of Sukha Amsterdam… An amazing concept store!

The shop itself already has a wonderful interior with its high ceilings, white walls and beautiful grey painted concrete floor. The interior with it’s big shop window changes quite a lot and it is always a surprise to see what is next. I really love to come here and think the shop has a really good vibe.  At Sukha you will find fashion, books, accessories, presents and unique handmade products.

Sukha betekent ‘levensvreugde’ in het Sanskriet, de taal van de Boeddhistische monniken in India en Nepal. Bij Sukha vind je mode, interieur, accessoires, cadeautjes, boeken, workshops en reizen onder één dak.

De producten van Sukha komen onder andere uit India, Nepal, Marokko, Peru, Indonesië en Nederland. Ze zijn hergebruikt, van hout, vintage of worden op een verantwoorde manier geproduceerd met aandacht voor de arbeidsomstandigheden in de fabrieken en respect voor de mensen uit het land van herkomst. Naast producten onder het eigen label, verkoopt Sukha ook bekende en minder bekende merken met handgemaakte en unieke producten.

Sukha is naast een modern warenhuis ook een rustpunt in de drukke stad, want je kunt er even rustig zitten, een boek lezen en koffie of thee drinken.

To live is a verb


Not just an empty word, but a fact. Everyone in continuously focused on living.
Some want to live smart (with telephony and information technology); others want to live cosily (cocooned in the atmosphere at home).
Most women determine what the interior will look like, men only play a background role.
Living has added value, because of all the possibilities that interior can offer.
I consider colour as the makup that gives the interior taste.
Fortunately, more and more people are paying attention to colours  - you can even see green and yellow cars in the streets! 
Make sure you use your senses and taste the day. Smell, feel, hear and enjoy.
You will achieve emotional peace if you let colours, shapes and materials caress your senses.
You will feel at home.
Quoted from GET A GRIP by Alex Speelman 

Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien Gringhuis’ design principal is completely based on sustainability. Form, function, material and finishing all contribute to a maximum performance fashion product; wearable, functional and contemporary designs with a long life span due to their quality. The choice of materials consists of hand dyed silks, bamboo, wool and cotton, all with a certified eco and/or fair trade label.

In 2011 she won the first prize of The Green Fashion Competition, initiated by AIFW and the Dutch ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). The jury rewarded Elsien Gringhuis for bringing the best businessplan in supporting biodiversity.

Hannas Room


I just spotted hannas

Herringbone flooring

is gespecialiseerd in Visgraat vloeren. Natuurlijk verkopen wij ook andere patroon vloeren zoals hongaarse punt.

Onze visgraat van massief eiken of een gelaagde plank is, door de uitstraling en maatvoering, de moderne versie van de klassieke visgraat.

In onze showroom bieden wij je een breed overzicht van massieve houten vloeren, lamel parket en verouderde houten vloeren. Wij kunnen je de vele kleurafwerkingen en legmethodes laten zien aan de hand van de gepresenteerde vloeren. Zo kunt je optimaal ervaren hoe uw ‘toekomstige’ vloer eruit ziet.

Oak wood is very suitable in herringbone design. Herringbone a layered board, because of  the measurements, it’s the new version of the classic herringbone. The parts can be supplied in 14,16 or 18 cm wide, in lengths  about 70-90 cm, so the floor looks modern and robust, but with a wink to the classic parquet floor.

At Uipkes wood flooring we also design Hungarian point floors and Versaille pattern floors. If you have special requirements for a pattern floor we can advise you at any time. We can also deliver different patterns or help you design your own pattern. At Uipkes we design your wishes.

Ginta Lapina



Get the look of latvian model Ginta Lapina. Go for great basics and add some edge with faux fur and a floral russian inspired scarf! 

Faux fur from Topshop // Pants from H&M // City bag from Zara // Sweater from Weekday // Boots from Frye // Shawl from The Russian Store

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